“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.”

R.W. Emerson


Yoga is an ancient practice that has proven physical and mental health benefits, and you don’t need to be seasoned Yogi to notice them. Whether it’s your first time on the mat or you’ve been practicing for years, everyone is welcome to join in and reap the rewards.

Classes are available for all levels, ranging from beginners introductory sessions, to advanced flows and workshops focusing on specific areas of the practice. Whether you come to Yoga looking to gain strength, flexibility and muscle release, or to find a calmer mind, you’ll leave feeling great.

Join me on the mat to practice Yoga in Morzine and the surrounding area this Winter at any of my open classes. Check out the schedule here and register in advance to secure your spot.

You can also book private classes for a group in the leisure of your own space. Get in touch to find out more.


Why Yoga With Emily Ruth?

“Emily is one of my favourite yoga teachers. I loved her power yoga class at Mountain Rehab studio, Morzine.
It was challenging, strong and always with A mindful focus. Every single time we focused on different aspects in our liVES, brought them to our mats, discovered them through our practise.
We found peace tHrough power.”