Crow Pose | Emily Ruth Yoga | Morzine

Class Descriptions


Yoga Flow



A form of Vinyasa Flow, this class will vary each week to include a number of different poses reached through intuitive transitions. Moving with the breathe we find tranquility and stillness of the mind through movement of the body. All levels welcome.


Power Hour


Power up! For an hour of  movement designed to challenge the body and mind. Over come fears as we move with intention into more advanced poses, creating strength from the inside out. You know what they say, Yogis who sweat together... Enjoy a really great Savasana after? Intermediate/Advanced.


Yin Yang


Balance your day with this beautiful complimentary practice. We start with the yang, building heat and flowing, and end with the yin, slowing it down, restoring and holding poses for a little longer. All levels welcome.


Therapy Balls


Great for anyone who does any mountain sports! Tight hips, hammys, glutes, shoulders.... We'll focus on a specific area each class and work deep into the fascia to bring release to any build up of tension. All levels welcome.




Let's slow it down - and get deep. We'll hold poses for between 3-5minutes, allowing our bodies time to settle in and unwind. Don't be fooled into thinking this is easy, it will be an inner battle, but boy will you feel good after. All levels welcome.


Mellow Flow


Revitalize the body by increasing circulation to the organs and calm the nervous system through breathing exercises. Take it easy as we move into a mellow flow, creating space for our bodies to move at their own pace.


Intro to yoga


A 5 week course to bring it back to the basics of Yoga. Great for those looking to get into Yoga for the first time, or those who’d like to deepen their understanding behind the practice. We’ll break it down and work through key Yoga poses as well as breathing techniques and get into the what and the why!

January session complete. Further spring dates to be added. Interested? Send an email!


Body in Balance


A Yoga/fitness fusion class that focuses on building strength and stretching out. Find body balance as we jump straight into the physical practice and keep our attention on the body as we move with awareness. Increasing strength and flexibility allows us to create more movement in our body, enabling you to maintain whatever it is that you love to do! This is a great session if you do a lot of mountain sports/fitness classes, and need to take some time to condition the body in a balanced way, or if you're new to the idea of Yoga!


Elementary Yoga flow


If you’ve practiced Yoga for a short time and would like a flow class that will move a little slower allowing you more time to focus on alignment and breath, this is the class for you! A Vinyasa Flow for beginner/intermediate Yogis, great to continue on with after the Intro to Yoga course.


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